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The benefits achieved to large enterprises may not appear available to Scale-Up businesses where the management overhead of nearshore developers outweighs the benefit. With our collective experience working for Deutsche Bank, GSK and HMRC, we are experienced in managing complex multi-disciplined and and remote teams. We give our clients access to bring in expertise and to add value immediately.

due diligence

We conduct full audits across your Product and Technology functions, ensuring you’re aware of current and/or potential weaknesses that may impact your business’s ability to perform and scale. This can be particularly useful for companies approaching funding rounds, or those looking to get their technology in good shape before an exit, and is typically how we begin work with a new client.

Blue Hat scoring

Through Blue Hat’s proprietary accreditation scheme, TechScore, we can award companies with a Bronze, Silver or Gold certification once their audit is complete. The Bronze standard is for those with the basics in place (disaster recovery processes, key-man risk mitigation). Silver reflects your additional ability to satisfy customer demands, while Gold shows you have technology and a team primed for new opportunities.

system development

Blue Hat’s system development services supplement your existing development teams. We can conduct end-to-end programmes from initial specification and needs analysis through to coding and build, testing and handover. With partners across Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania and Georgia we can offer high-quality and cost-effective teams.


Test automation is often the missing link in technology developments. At Blue Hat, we can retrofit Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) testing into your existing systems, improving reliability and more frequent releases, as well as ensuring future developments employ BDD testing as standard.

data and governance

Blue Hat provides the engineering and processes to get your data in place and working for you. We can audit your data types and classifications, and analyse the data flows, processes and storage to ensure that your security levels are appropriate, any risks are minimised and your data governance is suitable for effective operations and decision making.

cloud adoption

We are proudly cloud-agnostic, and work with our clients to find the cloud provider that works for them. At Blue Hat, we typically utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure’s Well-Architected Frameworks, but will always provide advice to prevent against long-term cloud lock-in, so you retain maximum control over your services and data.

the feedback

Blue Hat Associates joins the Pistoia Alliance

Blue Hat Associates joins the Pistoia Alliance

December 6, 2023

Blue Hat Associates is excited to announce that it has become a member of The Pistoia Alliance, a global alliance for life sciences healthcare collaboration and innovation. Building on some excellent interactions with Pistoia around … Read more...

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