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Mismatch of investor vision & delivery plan

Strategic product roadmap development to secure funding for this real estate platform


The CEO was concerned the product vision and roadmap didn’t line up. They needed to build a strategic data platform vs a mapping tool to secure the right valuation.

We proposed using machine learning to build a valuable, hard-to-replicate, data asset - street by street.

Two years on, we continue to work with them, and this successful approach has secured their latest Series B funding.

Respecting client confidentiality: While we can't always share their name and specific details of the work we do for our clients, we are keen to share some of the problems, solutions and results we help with.

Mind the gap!

This promising, data-heavy, real estate platform had received investment from Google execs.

However, the product roadmap looked more like a mapping tool.

The CEO was concerned that the team was focusing on tools rather than building a strategically important data platform that would secure them the right valuation.

Focusing on the data

Commercial property valuations are complex. We proposed using machine learning to build the dataset street by street - creating a valuable, hard-to-replicate, data asset.

We put in a team to work on backend data ingestion and elements of machine learning

We built a credible, 18-month, data plan, and got the ball rolling for them - to prove it was possible.

Funding secured!

We‘ve continued working with them over the last two years.

The product vision, strategy and roadmap are aligned, and the data platform is growing.

They’ve secured their next round of Series B funding off the back of this work.

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Product Squeezed in the Middle – B2B SaaS Platform

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Blue Hat Associates helped fuel growth for this B2B SaaS platform business through ambitious product positioning and a more cost-effective approach to development.

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