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Analog team in a digital world

A considered approach to digital transformation for a leading RegTech platform


Following years of successful, organic growth, this leading RegTech platform recognised it was at risk of losing competitive advantage and needed to innovate.

Risk-averse, they wanted a conservative approach moving over to a modern platform; evolution not revolution.

We led their team through digital transformation, empowering them to become self-sufficient through governance, new ways of working and delivering.

Respecting client confidentiality: While we can't always share their name and specific details of the work we do for our clients, we are keen to share some of the problems, solutions and results we help with.

When innovation stalls...

This leading RegTech platform enjoyed 15 years of successful organic growth.

However, they recognised a lack of innovation was putting the platform at risk of losing its competitive advantage.

Clients loved the platform, so making any changes to it needed to be carefully managed.

Evolution not revolution

Favouring a conservative approach, the client didn’t want to invest in a quantum leap.

Adopting the ‘Strangler Pattern’ approach, we replaced components of their system until the original platform was subsumed and could be decommissioned.

This allowed their loyal and hard-working team to be on the journey while building a platform capable of supporting ML, AI and other technology innovations.

Becoming more self-sufficient

As well as helping recruit a new VP of Engineering, we supported them by putting new ways of working and governance in place, along with a migration plan.

We continue working with them to integrate AI into their modern technology stack.

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