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We are always looking out for excellent solution architects, lead developers, and polyglot developers. With good communication and client skills, a can do attitude.

Ambitious, we want consultants to join our journey with aspirations of being a partner.

We offer a good salary. A great team. Respect. A share of profits.

We believe in sharing the ownership of the business and all staff benefit from share options in the business. We build a business by all owning the business. It’s out business not someone else’s.

Contact us below to start the journey!


We are interested in new partners to join the Blue Hat Management Team.

Our business partners are generally already successful independent consultants who lead programmes and understand how they can offer the clients more than a freelancer.>

Are you a thought leaders in a field and can lead a team of consultants into exciting new technologies.

Above all, are you entrepreneurial. Do you want to make your mark on the world, and are willing to go the extra mile for your clients and to make a difference.

Contact us below to start the journey!

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